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Gardens for Single Moms is a grassroots organization led by Rob Greenfield‘s nonprofit Happy Healthy and Free and the Live Like Ally Foundation. Our mission is very simple, to help single parents to grow their own organic, healthy food for their families. Single parents are often short on time, resources, and money to build and maintain their own gardens and our mission is to help them get started and teach them how to grow food in the long run. Through the help of volunteers in the community, we install the gardens and then maintain them for the first season. During the first season we spend a couple hours each week in the garden with the family to teach them how to grow and harvest their own food. We supply them with everything they need to get started plus the seeds for the first year of gardening. We also plant beneficial flowers for bees and butterflies and create habitat for local beneficial critters. Each garden will have a few fruit trees as well. We will also host a potluck for the families and a cooking class that focuses on how to use the food from their gardens.


We are looking for volunteers to help us make this happen! Volunteers will work in the garden with us doing everything from laying down mulch and compost, which will include shoveling it from big piles and wheelbarrowing it into place to make the rows, to planting seeds and fruit trees to weeding and watering the gardens. We will be hosting weekly or twice weekly volunteer days where we can accept up to 12 volunteers. We are also looking for volunteers that would like to be more involved and would like to help with daily tasks such as watering and weeding. And we are also looking for someone with a pickup truck who’d like to volunteer to pick things up when needed. We are open to different ways that you might like to volunteer to make this project a success!


Michelle Caibio –  mcaibio@vcifl.org


March 6 – May 31
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9 AM – 12 PM
Times and dates are subject to change. 


The locations will vary as we build the 5 different gardens. We will be focused in the Audubon Park area near the Audubon Park Covenant Church at 3219 Chelsea St, Orlando, FL 32803. Hopefully all within a 2 mile radius of here.


We will be in the garden doing physical activating including moving mulch and compost, planting seeds, and transplanting plants. Dress as you feel is needed for this.

Physical Requirements:

Be able to push wheelbarrows, shovel mulch and compost, rake, etc. There is a lot of bending over in the garden. We will be working in the sun.

What to bring:

Clothes and shoes that you are comfortable working in and comfortable with getting dirty, water, a hat, and a snack.

To keep updated on this event please visit: 
Rob Greenfield