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Mobilizing Volunteers of All Ages

Many people have talents and passions and want to see a change in our community, that’s where the Community Impact Program comes in. We work with people in our community and match them with an organization that needs their talents and passions to make a difference.

The VCI Community Impact Program makes an impact in the community by improving lives through volunteerism by facilitating, promoting, and advocating volunteerism.


Volunteer Challenge 2018

September 10 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Better lives for older adults

The feeling of isolation is a problem many mature adults face; particularly for those who are living on a fixed income. Prior to participating in VCI Cyber-Seniors, two-thirds of participants had never sent an email and nearly half have never connected with their families online. Almost every task these days is performed online using a computer or mobile device; not understanding how to connect online creates an even more intense feeling of isolation amongst mature adults. Social isolation can create a number of problems ranging from physical health to mental health.

The VCI Cyber-Seniors program combats this problem by pairing teenagers and young adults with mature adults in order to teach them the basics of computer skills. Supported by United Healthcare, VCI Cyber-Seniors is an eight week long program consisting of weekly 2-hour sessions. The mentors teach the participants a range of computer skills from backing-up documents to performing a Google search.

This program does more for our adults than teach them basic skills. After participating, 96% of our Cyber-Seniors felt like lives had improved. Additionally, several said they felt healthier and more active.


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Volunteers for Community Impact

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Volunteer Challenge 2018

September 10 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm