VCI’s 2021 Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers for Community Impact would like to invite you to be a part of VCI’s 2021 Volunteer Recognition on December 10, 2021, at the Rosen Plaza Hotel – 9700 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. With most of our volunteers being¬† 55 or older, this past year has been extra tough for them. This year we want to give them the biggest and best volunteer recognition we can! To do this, we will need your help. We have so many ways you can support our volunteers on this special day.

Amazon Wish List– Would you like to help us recognize our volunteers in a special way? We have created an Amazon Wish List that has items we would like to have for decorations at our volunteer recognition. These decorations go along with our theme this year, A Red Carpet Extravaganza: Celebrating our V.I.P’s (Volunteers In Person). We will use them to create backdrops, table centerpieces, and more. We will have more than 58 tables to decorate and we want them all to stand out!

Sponsors – Are you a company or business that would like to help volunteers that support your communities? Consider becoming a sponsor for our volunteer recognition! We have multiple packages along with advertisement opportunities. Help support volunteers in your community by recognizing all the good they do.

Exhibitors – Exhibit your business or company at our volunteer recognition! Support our volunteers by buying a booth and promoting your company/business. Please keep in mind that most of our volunteers are 55 or older.

Door Prizes – Gift cards, gift baskets, stay-cations, special dinners, classes, amusement park tickets, electronics (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.), or anything else you would like to donate as a door prize is welcome! Our volunteers are always so excited to have the opportunity to win prizes. With your help, we can make their dreams come true and help support our amazing volunteers!

Entertainment/Music – Would you or someone you know like to help with entertainment or music at our event? We have had live music, DJs, school dance groups, and more. Our volunteers love entertainment and having fun!

Gift for our Volunteers – We will have around 500-600 or more volunteers coming to our volunteer recognition and each year we find gifts to give all our volunteers in a gift bag. Would you like to support all our volunteers in a big way? Consider donating something for all of them!

Donate Transportation – Each year we supply busses and pick up locations all over Central Florida for our volunteers. Even with all our efforts, still not all our volunteers are able to make it to our volunteer recognition. You can help by helping us donate Uber and Lyft rides to those volunteers who can’t always make the trip in their own car or make it onto the busses. If you can help in any way to make one of our volunteers happy on this special day, we would appreciate it tremendously!

Proposals – We try to think of everything when it comes to helping our volunteers, but if you have another way you would like to show your support for our volunteers, we want to hear from you. Fill out a simple form explaining how you would like to help. All proposals will go to our Executive Director for review.