WHAT Do We Need?

We always need construction paper, crayons, markers, tape, glue, pipe cleaners, kits, etc.  The school supplies needed are paper, pencils, ink pens, etc.

**Board Game Replenishment!**  They love board games but unfortunately lose some of the pieces.

WHERE To Drop Off Donations?

Donations can be dropped off at:

Osceola ARC
310 N Clyde Ave
Kissimmee, Florida 34741  

Volunteers at for Community Impact
3545 Lake Breeze Dr.
Orlando, FL 32808 

Supply Drive

WHO Are These Supplies Going To?

The Opportunity Center provides services to 133 adults with developmental disabilities. One of the favorite activities of the persons that we serve is arts and crafts. Because we serve so many individuals and most participate in arts and crafts at least once a week our supplies are constantly needing replenished.

Want To Help More?

Volunteer positions are also available at the center!
Contact Sharon Smith for more information:
407-298-4180 X 108 or

ABOUT The Opportunity Center

The Opportunity Center, Inc. was established in 1970 by concerned citizens and parents as a training facility for individuals with developmental disabilities in Osceola County.  Throughout the years, the Center expanded to include training in contract work, transportation, landscaping, cleaning crews, in-home supports, competitive employment, supported employment, and supported living services.   The intent of The Opportunity Center’s services is to support the individuals we serve in choosing and performing valued roles in the community, in acquiring or improving their functional skills and increasing their independence in all areas of their lives.

A U.S. Department of Labor Work Activity Center is operated by The Opportunity Center, Inc.  Individuals participating in the work services program earn wages based on productivity levels and learn valuable work skills and habits.  Examples of sub-contract work available are sorting,  bulk mailing, packaging, tagging, collating, and assembly.

Individuals requiring more extensive services are offered training in areas of personal care, pre-vocational skills, and activities of daily living.  Participants are provided personal care including toileting, feeding and other areas of personal management.  Positioning is available under the oversight of a physical therapist, if this service is in the individual’s support plan.  Participants in this area receive a much higher staff to client ratio of either 1:5 or 1:3.

Our mobile work crews are crews of five participants to one supervisor with one goal in mind–cleaning up the comunity.  These crews are contracted by area businesses to clean up parking lots, bathroom facilities, meeting facilities, etc.

Supported employment services and supported living services are offered to interested individuals who would like to work in competitive employment and/or live on their own.  These services are under the supervision of a coach who assists the individuals in necessary skills to succeed in their positions and goals.