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Organization: Volunteers for Community Impact, Inc.
Date Posted: 1/31/2020
Date Needed: 3/15/2019
City: Orlando
Location: Florida
Country: United States
Primary Category: Volunteer Management
Type of Position: Full-Time
Education Requirement: Bachelor’s
Experience Requirement: 1-2 years
Description & Details
Primary Responsibilities:

Responsible for coordinating all aspects of the Girls Scouts’ Beyond Bars Program; including volunteer engagement, communication with stations and partners, and reporting of programmatic accomplishments. Preference given to National Service Alumni (Vista, Americorps and Peace Corps).


o   Excellent oral and written communication skills

o   Highly organized

o   Strong time management, the ability to set goals and meet deadlines

o   Must be able to maintain strict confidentiality

o   Highly Self-motivated

o   Computer knowledge to include Microsoft Office, social media, and databases

o   Creativity and problem solving

o   Ability to present and represent the organization at meetings and in the community, and to train volunteers and partners

o   College degree required

o   Prefer 2 years of experience

o   Bilingual candidates preferred

How to Apply / Contact
Fax or email resume to:

Hue Jacobs

Fax: 407-298-2725


Please send your resume with the answer to the questions below.


Volunteers for Community Impact (VCI) will launch a brand new volunteer program called The Targeted Community Impact Program.  This program will be headed by one full time employee called the Targeted Community Impact Coordinator. The program will engage two of VCI’s existing programs – FGP (The Foster Grandaparent Program) and RSVP (The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program). FGP and RSVP are sponsored by The Corporation for National & Community Service and are collectively known as Senior Corps and are limited to people older than 55 years of age.  VCI will also engage community volunteers (persons younger than 55) in the program.

This program will partner with the Citrus Council Girl Scouts Council to create Community based Girl Scout troops staffed by VCI volunteers.  Citrus Council Girl Scouts will be engaging our volunteers into a specific curricula called the Beyond Bars program, which seeks to provide assistance to young girls whose mothers are incarcerated in the criminal justice system.

Because this is a brand new program the Coordinator will have to engage with potential stations and build partnerships with agencies who share our mission in addition to recruiting volunteers for the program.

Please answer the following questions. Please limit your responses to no more than 250 words per question.

1)     Are you a Military Veteran, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer or a National Service Alumni?

2)      This position involves recruiting adult volunteers over the age of 18.  Please tell us about your experience working with volunteers.

a.       One of this positions’ main focus areas will be to engage Senior Corps members as volunteers for the Girl Scouts.  Please describe your experience with CNCS’ Senior Corps programs.  Please describe your experience with the Girl Scouts.

3)      This position’s main responsibilities will be to recruit volunteers. Discuss your experience in recruiting, training/orientating, and engaging volunteers.

4)      This position involves collaborating with other non-profits, local governmental organizations, and public educational institutions. Please describe your experience in building collaborations and partnerships.

5)      Tell us why volunteerism is important to you and your efforts to improve your local community.

6)      Please describe any experience you have with conducting volunteer recognition ceremonies or similar events.

7)      Please tell us about two memorable projects in your career, one successful and one failure.  To what do you attribute the success and failure of your projects?  What did you learn from each experience?