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Executive Director, Hue Jacobs, talks about VCI’s RSVP program on Orange TV!

Studies have shown that social isolation negatively impacts the physical, emotional, and mental health of mature adults. VCI is fixing this problem by encouraging mature adults to use their energy, creativity, and experience to change the lives of other Central Florida residents..

RSVP volunteers serve as often as they like in areas such as education, food security, and health. They play a critical role with educational success, human needs, homelessness, health and wellness, hospital support, and senior services. RSVP Volunteers must be at least 55 years old, receive training for their service area, and are honored at a recognition banquet every year.

Across Volusia, Osceola, and Orange Counties, 408 volunteers have served over 29,000 hours in efforts to better the Central Florida community. RSVP has programs in almost any area you could want to volunteer. RSVP volunteer coordinators work with prospective volunteers to find the right place where they can make the most impact. Together, VCI and you improve the Central Florida area. Learn how you can make an impact in your area by filling out this simple informational form.


  1. CIMA Supplemental Insurance: during the hours which you volunteer (including driving time to and from the opportunity), RSVP membership provides a supplemental insurance, at no cost to you. What this means is that, while you probably already have insurance, our program picks up any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur should you have an accident during your volunteer time. This is automobile and personal liability as well as accident insurance. RSVP will cover/reimburse  these out-of-pocket costs (including the breakage of glasses, hearing aids or dentures) up to $50,000 annually.
  2. Life Insurance Benefit: in the event that a volunteer passes away during their hours of volunteering, RSVP provides a $2,500 ‘death benefit’ to the volunteer’s indicated beneficiary.
  3. Recognition / Appreciation: RSVP believes that your service should be recognized! We think that volunteers like you are directly countering the adverse effects of living in our increasingly uninvolved and unengaged society, and we think that you should be be applauded for all the work you do. We provide and annual recognition luncheon (during May or June) and several other intermittent rewards to our members (t-shirts, hats, etc.) to show our appreciation for all your work.
  4. Matching: we provide matching services to our members, and if you have any friends who are interested in volunteering, but don’t know where to go, we can help there as well. We have partners in education, health, food insecurity, poverty alleviation, community gardens and more.
  5. The Senior Resource Alliance: Orange and Osceola Counties’ Area Agency on Aging has extended their Health and Wellness courses and workshops to our RSVP members, free of charge. If you should be interested, we would be glad to get you in touch with the SRA.
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Michelle CaibioRSVP Orange Manager
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